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There is lots happening in Enable Ireland and with our charity partners this September. Here are some of the ways you can get involved this month.

Give Up Clothes For Good This September

Kyle and Holly from Enable Ireland Children’s Service are the faces of this year Give Up Clothes For Good Campaign with TK Maxx raising funds for Enable Ireland Children’s Services. You can read their stories on our website. Give Up Clothes For Good asks the public to donate their unwanted clothes, accessories and quality homeware in the special collection units provided in all TK Maxx stores nationwide. Donated items will be sold in Enable Ireland charity shops and money raised by the sale of these items helps to fund our disability services. Each bag of donated items could raise up to €20 for Enable Ireland. Find out more about the campaign.

Life with No Limits 17 – 22 September

Our annual Life With No Limits’ campaign takes place from 17 -22 September this year. You can support our services for 7,500 children and adults with disabilities by purchasing Life With No Limit’s wrist bands, handy trolley disc or fluffy book markers from Enable Ireland charity shops, TK Maxx stores and volunteer sellers nationwide.  Find out more about the campaign


#MakeWayDay - Coming to the street where you live with 15 local authorities and five major disability organisations! 

When: Wednesday 26th September 2018

After a phenomenal launch last year, Make Way Day goes nationwide this year with the backing of 15 local authorities and participation of five major disabilities organisations, including Enable Ireland.

What is it: Guerrilla stickering of cars parked on footpaths, bins, bicycles and other obstacles that stop people with disabilities from getting from A to B. It’s a simple campaign with profound implications such as; liberating people from their homes and encouraging participation of people with disabilities. By making small changes we can all make a big difference to the lives of our fellow citizens.

To Get Involved: You can support #MakeWayDay by stickering obstacles in your area on September 26th and sharing the hashtag #MakeWayDay on social media . Visit www.makewayday.com for details of what’s happening in your local area or contact communications@enableireland.ie to get involved.

Thanks for your continued support!

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Gillian Murphy
Enable Ireland Communications Manager